Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Review of A Melting Ice Christmas

A Melting Ice Christmas


ISBN: 978-1-60180-251-4

Rating: 4 - Scorching

Length: Novella, 105 pages

Reviewer: Silver Pixie/Sterling

Book Summery

Mackenzie Irving just wants to get home for Christmas, to visit his sister...and his brother-in-law's handsome cousin. But his stop at home to grab his things is interrupted by a vision from his past. When IA agent Elton Grant found out that his hot one-nighter was involved in one of his investigations, it created complications, to say the least. But when his life actually was in danger and he needed protection, he knew Mac was the right officer for the job. He knew him intimately, both through the investigation...and his own personal experience. This is turning out to be a seriously exciting more ways than one.

My Review:

This is a special series of books for me. This was one of the first series of books that I read when I started in the Gay Erotic Fiction Genre over 8 plus years ago. I have fallen WAY behind in DJ’s books. But asked to review this book So After getting over a bad cold and 4 distracting children I spent an entire night reading A Melting Ice Christmas and it was a night of no sleep that was well worth it.  Mackenzie “Mac” Irving is exactly how I would and have pictured my perfect New York Detective/Cop. He is Hot, sexy with a touch of a dark side you have to experience.  In A Melting Ice Christmas all he wants from Santa is to get to Vermont to the last of his family and to some hot uncomplicated sex with a passing fancy from his past. However Sometimes Santa and fate knows what we really want and need more then we do. 

In walks Elton Grant. A one night stand that not only rocked his world but somehow managed to touch his heart. However a string of ugly, work related incidents leaves Mac’s heart hurting and his head reeling.  Just when he thinks he is free Elton walks in and begs for his help. It seems that Elton’s life is in danger and he is in need of protection and only Mac can help him.  Through a series of lucky breaks Mac and Elton make it to Vermont with no one back on the force the wiser and you know what they say about forgiveness and the holidays.  The only question you should be asking yourselves readers is How fast can A Melting Ice Christmas Melt your heart. For me It was by the end of Chapter One.

Over all since I have not been able to keep up with this series It was able to jump right back into it and not have any trouble following the story. I loved every part, every word every Chapter. I can not honestly find one bad thing wrong with A Melting Ice Christmas. It was a perfect blend of love, mystery and sex. Mac and Elton were believable. Their problems and solutions were honest and true. There was nothing forced about it. DJ Manly Again has written a superb book and I Highly recommend everyone get it as well as the entire Melting Ice Series. 

On my Erect Peni Scale of One to Ten A Melting Ice Christmas gets:

 a 10 Plus Plus. When Mac and Elton come together for the first after months I seriously had to think about a cold shower afterwards. I felt the good kind of Dirty after it was over and every time afterwards was PERFECT and *fans herself* and hot.

On my Scale of Wait to Pay Day or Sell the kids A Melting Ice Is :

SELL THE CHILDREN NOW!!! This book is way too good to wait till Pay Day to Buy. Seriously Fur babies or real babies SELL SELL SELL and go buy! Honestly If DJ hadn't given me this book to read and Review I was checking E-bay and couch cushions for money to get it myself!