Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Very First ever GRL Retreat

There has been some talk about the GRL Retreat in New Mexico This year... The last 2 GRL retreats have been wonderful experiences so I have heard. I wasn't luck enough to be able to attend them or this years but I can say I was one of the Lucky few to have been able to experience the very first GRL retreat. I can also say with no doubt in my mind it was one of the most life changing experiences of my life.
To be perfectly honest I almost wasn’t able to go but through a few miracles and a Wonderful Carol Lynne I was able to go with money to spend. Anyways that part is neither here nor there except to the lengths a writer will go to sometimes to make a readers dreams come true. The first GRL was held in Carol Lynne’s neck of the woods (not specifically remember where I want to say Kanas it was flat and lots of land) Anyways the writers that where there was Fab, kind, caring and the readers were respectful and fun. I was given a Tape Measure, which to everyone’s Ummm Well let’s just say Silver walked up to many, and offered to measure their Manhood.. Look if you know me you know I am capable of trouble… The good kind of trouble though and no one was hurt in the nature of any of my games!!
The first night we hung out drank a little, we all ended up in another person’s hotel room where I whipped out my Laptop and the Wonderful J.P Bowie informed us which Penis was Photoshopped and which weren’t.. Everyone has fun and I nearly peed myself laughing so hard. One Day we did dinner, a Movie and Desert All in the same place at the same time!! That Was so much FUN!!! We had a BBQ at the hotel and we did some Drinking then we all went to Carol Lynn’s house got a Huge party with gift, games, drinking and loads and Loads of fun.
Honestly it was one of the greatest weekends of my life and Carol, JP and many other wonderful writers have spent every GRL since making them better and better. It hurts my heart that I haven’t been able to experience such a wonderful time again since then and I have plans of someday repeating the fun again. If you haven’t been able to attend a GRL I suggest  you try and get to one it is an experience you will forever remember and Love!!
here are some Pictures from GRL.. There are a 101 of them on Carol Lynne's Yahoo group and I borrowed these from there because Mine got lost.. I picked ones I was in because I want to respect those who where there and not plaster all of the all over the World Wide Web.
This is me and JP Bowie Looking at naughty Pictures.

More Naughty Pictures

That is me!! Yes I am a Princess and Yes that is a Tiara.

This was some of us at the Dinner and Movie Theater.

My butt checking emails

Writers Hard at work!!!

More Naughty Pictures

Just Chilling

I am Flushed which means i was drinking lol

More and More Naughty Pictures

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review of Mating Tomeo By AJ Llewellyn

Mating Tomeo By AJ Llewellyn

ISBN: 9781419940316

Genre: M/M Historical
Rating: Hot
Book Length: Short Novel
Reviewer: Silver Pixie
Book Summery:
In 1946 Hawaii, Tomeo Yamaguchi harbors a secret that would be considered shameful by his traditional Japanese family—he aches for the caress of other men.

Which makes it particularly devastating when Tomeo’s father hires a tanomoshi—a matchmaker—to find a bride for his son.

Tomeo spends time with the tanomoshi, Shin Yamada, and as the men come to know one another, deep feelings emerge, the transition from friends to lovers inevitable. They fall into a clandestine affair, their hushed and hidden lovemaking as beautiful and breathless in their eyes, as it is torrid in the eyes of others.

More time spent worshipping Tomeo’s body means less time finding him a suitable bride. Shin’s forsaking his duty…but mating Tomeo is worth every stolen second.

AJ once again takes us on a journey to Post World War Two; in this novel we meet Tomeo Yamaguchi. A beautiful sensitive man who truly harbors a secret that he doesn’t want or need his traditional Japanese family to ever find out.  A secret that Shin Yamada the resident Japanese Tanomoshi himself understands and harbors himself. Can these two men Find happiness and love with each other or will Tomeo’s father keep driving them apart and into the arms of a bride back in their home land of Japan?

AJ once again weaves a wonderful tale of yearning and understanding in post WWII. Hawaii suffered greatly post WWII more then most people care to know or understand. They still in this day and age feel the effects and though its gotten better the islands still weep for their lost.  Tomeo and Shin are 2 men who don’t conform to the norm of then or today but they found a way to make it work.  Their love for each other, their families and the islands makes me yearn for them. They both want so much to please their families but not at the expense of each other or what they have.  The question that begs asking is can their love be enough to keep them together or will they bow to tradition?

On My Erect Peni scale I Give Mating Tomeo 10+ This book is just hot enough to make me need a cold shower

On my Scale of Wait to pay day or Sell the Kids Mating Tomeo is a Sell the Kids on EBay and GET THIS BOOK!

The twists and turns in Mating Tomeo leave you panting and wanting more. I knew from page one that this was going to be another book I wouldn’t be able to put down and I couldn’t. It was a page-turner to the very end and left me wanting another Tomeo and Shin novel.

AJ is the type of writer that makes sure that everything about her stories is historically accurate. Mating Tomeo is no different AJ made sure everything about this story happened or at the very least feasible or possible.  There are going to be those who doubt that in post WWII that there could have been (Spoiler Alert) “secret” Clubs catering to the Gay and Lesbian crowd. Before you go off the deep end saying its in possible look at American Gay and Lesbian history. It is not only possible it happened across the United States and is still happening today.  It urks me to no end that people cant wrap their feeble little minds around the possibility of things because of the era something was. Sometimes that is the reason these things are possible. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review of Avenging Heart By AJ Llewellyn

Avenging Heart (Pearl Harbor Book 4) By AJ Llewellyn

ISBN: 978-0-85715-949-6
Genre: Gay M/M Historical
Rating: Total –E- Burning Sexometer of a 2
Book Length: Novel
Reviewer: Silver Pixie
Book Summery:
Book four in the Pearl Harbor Series
World War Two brought them together...but a family's threat to take away Tinder and Jason's son, Christopher, could tear them apart.
Avenging Heart, follows Jason and Tinder's adventures in Honolulu in 1947.
The war is over, but the islands are slow to heal from the devastating ravages of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Jason and Tinder are part of the rebuilding effort. Tinder's stepmother is spearheading a growing movement of housewives who are keen to help their husbands bring home the bacon—it's a time of remembrance, hard work, fancy clothing, Tupperware and other intriguing new inventions.
Tinder and Jason, the proud parents of their five-year old son, Christopher, are shattered when his birth mother's family challenges their legal adoption of the child. His mother, Melody, a former working prostitute on Hotel Street, had been murdered, her sins long buried...until now.
The surprising discovery of her killer and the couple's desire, both for vengeance and to maintain the loving home Christopher has always known, make for nonstop twists and turns of Tinder's Avenging Heart. 

Jason and Tinder are still trying to recover from the ravages of WWII. The Hawaiian Islands are still under the American Sovereignty and the Governor is pushing for statehood so that the atrocities perpetrated by the American military can brought to proper justice. Everyone in Jason and Tinder’s family is trying to put the past behind them. However sometimes the past has a way of catching up with everyone.  
Tinder, Jason, their adopted son Christopher long with Tinder’s dad and step mother have picked up the pieces to their shattered lives and moved on, or so they thought. A telegram from Melody’s  (Christopher’s birth and deceased mother) parents Christopher’s biological grandparents saying they are coming to take him home with them throws this unconventional family into a whirl wind of emotions first and for most to do whatever they need to too keep their family together at all costs.  From the very beginning Jason made sure to have had the upper hand and with the help of some not so savory and some more savory friends Secrets don’t remain as such in Hawaii and the Question remains WHO’S secret will kill them and Which will set everyone free so Tinder, Jason and Christopher can have their Happily Ever After.  Sadly I am not going to tell you have to read the book to find out.

What can I say honestly other then AJ has done it again! Hands down His Pearl Harbor Series is on my top 5 lists of series I cannot live without. Tinder and Jason suck you in from book one and don’t let you go until the 4th book. Avenging Heart lives up to its name and I cannot tell you enough to go out and buy this book.  The love between Tinder Jason and their son Christopher is heart warming. The fact that they are a committed Gay couple post WWII and make it work gives me hope that despite all the evil vile cruelness in the world today there was a time that even though people chose to be ignorant of such things they let sleeping dogs lay. I also enjoyed the fact that like with this entire series even thought its fiction there is a level of truth and reality woven beautifully into it.

On my Erect Peni Scale of 1-10 I have to hands down give this book a 10. The sex Scenes are hot sexy and realistic when you have a child or 2 about. For a writer with just furry babies he understands the need to creativity to get nookie in when you can. He also clearly understood the frustration some parent’s face when having young active kids in the house. He is right sometimes it takes a village to raise a child but it has to be the right kind of Village.
On my Wait till Payday or Sell the Kids This book is hands down a sell the kids book. If you have read the other three books you will understand that this is a must have. You need to know how it ends. So sell off the kids on EBay and get this book as soon as you can

Friday, March 23, 2012

My Review of Abandoned Paradise By AJ Llewellyn

Abandoned Paradise By A.J Llewellyn


ISBN: 13: 978-1-61124-264-5

Genre: Gay / Contemporary / Paranormal / Ghosts / Hauntings / Mystery / Interracial / Multicultural 

Rating: 3

Book Length: Novel (42k words / TBD paperback pages)

Reviewer:  Silver Pixie
Book Summery:
Alessandro Aikau, an anthropologist visiting Hawaii from Boston, has been given rare permission to spend a month on the abandoned and forbidden island of Kaho'olawe.
Kem, whose family has been entrusted with the sacred upkeep of this battered piece of paradise, at, first resents Alessandro's unusual assignment. As the two men come to know each other, Kem begins to realize that there is a deeper, mysterious meaning to the man's presence on the island. He begins to sense it is a ritual atonement. But for what?

Kem's kahuna parents won't divulge the secret, and neither will Alessandro, even as the two men become deeply attracted to one another and Alessandro suffers several bad accidents, faces continual sabotage, along with a strange invasion of the island.
Will Alessandro survive his twenty-eight-day ritual, and if so, can he find love with Kem in this abandoned paradise? 

What do you get when you cross a hot ass Hawaiian anthropologist from Boston, a forbidden island and a man with a sacred mission? Well In Abandoned Paradise it’s the fixings for a hotter then hell love that truly to me is one for the ages.  Alessandro is a broken man and like most broken men he knows he has to do something to change his luck. So he decides that the only way for him to be able to live happily ever after is to undo the harm that his late later ancestor did to the Forbidden Island of Kaho'olawe hundreds of years before. Will his Quest for redemption lead him to more then he ever expected? Kaho`olawe holds many secrets for both Alessandro and Kem but the question remains will those secrets lead to love or something more sinister?

Abandoned Paradise for me is one of the books for the ages. It has everything I could want in a book Hawaii, sex, Love, Mystery, sex. Did I say sex? There isn’t a whole a lot of sex. However sometimes it’s not the Quantity of sex that makes or breaks a book but the Quality of the sex. Abandoned Paradise doesn’t disappoint it has everything you come to expect and more from AJ Llewellyn. I loved everything about this book and like many of his other books it makes me want to visit there. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants something that’s romantic, funny, and spine tingly fun.

On my Erect Peni of Hotness Scale This book Gets a 10. Plain and Simple the sex, moments leading to sex, dreams of sex, everything about this book is sexy and hot.

Plain and simple Just sell the kids and Buy this book! I cannot say how awesome this book is enough. This is book truly is worth not waiting to get! SO go out and get this book NOW!