Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Very First ever GRL Retreat

There has been some talk about the GRL Retreat in New Mexico This year... The last 2 GRL retreats have been wonderful experiences so I have heard. I wasn't luck enough to be able to attend them or this years but I can say I was one of the Lucky few to have been able to experience the very first GRL retreat. I can also say with no doubt in my mind it was one of the most life changing experiences of my life.
To be perfectly honest I almost wasn’t able to go but through a few miracles and a Wonderful Carol Lynne I was able to go with money to spend. Anyways that part is neither here nor there except to the lengths a writer will go to sometimes to make a readers dreams come true. The first GRL was held in Carol Lynne’s neck of the woods (not specifically remember where I want to say Kanas it was flat and lots of land) Anyways the writers that where there was Fab, kind, caring and the readers were respectful and fun. I was given a Tape Measure, which to everyone’s Ummm Well let’s just say Silver walked up to many, and offered to measure their Manhood.. Look if you know me you know I am capable of trouble… The good kind of trouble though and no one was hurt in the nature of any of my games!!
The first night we hung out drank a little, we all ended up in another person’s hotel room where I whipped out my Laptop and the Wonderful J.P Bowie informed us which Penis was Photoshopped and which weren’t.. Everyone has fun and I nearly peed myself laughing so hard. One Day we did dinner, a Movie and Desert All in the same place at the same time!! That Was so much FUN!!! We had a BBQ at the hotel and we did some Drinking then we all went to Carol Lynn’s house got a Huge party with gift, games, drinking and loads and Loads of fun.
Honestly it was one of the greatest weekends of my life and Carol, JP and many other wonderful writers have spent every GRL since making them better and better. It hurts my heart that I haven’t been able to experience such a wonderful time again since then and I have plans of someday repeating the fun again. If you haven’t been able to attend a GRL I suggest  you try and get to one it is an experience you will forever remember and Love!!
here are some Pictures from GRL.. There are a 101 of them on Carol Lynne's Yahoo group and I borrowed these from there because Mine got lost.. I picked ones I was in because I want to respect those who where there and not plaster all of the all over the World Wide Web.
This is me and JP Bowie Looking at naughty Pictures.

More Naughty Pictures

That is me!! Yes I am a Princess and Yes that is a Tiara.

This was some of us at the Dinner and Movie Theater.

My butt checking emails

Writers Hard at work!!!

More Naughty Pictures

Just Chilling

I am Flushed which means i was drinking lol

More and More Naughty Pictures


  1. Love it. These are memories indeed. Thanks for sharing and I love the tiara!

    1. I wish i still has the Tiara!!! My Poor Crown and the looks i got in the Airport wearing it lol.. That was a PITA to take off and put back on when i had to get searched