Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wow.... It really has been awhile since...

I have blogged about anything. Sadly the last few years have not always been the easiest on me and  I have sadly fallen into some very bad habits. One of them while not a bad habit does eat up some time that I should and could spend on other things. Now is not the time I will blog about that.. 

I have been watching my Facebook feeds a lot lately. I know surprise surprise.. I might not have a lot to say but I have noticed a Pattern of sorts. It is something that I have seen in blogs I follow as well. It seems that the wild world of Gay Erotic Fiction is dying.More and more publishers are going under and more and more writers are turning away from Gay Fiction and writing *gasps and grasps her heart* Hetero Fiction!!! 

What in the Merlins balls is going on in the world? While sadly I can understand that publishers are having issues and need to downsize as well as bail out It has left me to wonder what in the hell is going on. I know Pirates are a huge problem. 

I myself try and give every writer I know a heads up when I see something that shouldn't be. But it seems that maybe while my back was turned the world as I know it is falling apart. which makes me sad and discourages me  from wanting to write. I mean what is the point of starting, finishing or editing something if there is no one out there who will publish it. Before anyone starts on me about self-publishing while I know some writers who do it. I am still on the fence about it because I suck at editing my own work.. Honestly I suck at editing anyone’s work but more so when it is my own. 

I miss my writers, my friends, But Life I think has gotten in everyone’s way lately. While I thought about taking a break. I find that there are some things even I can not break away from without proper motivation. In which I have none. So I am going to sit back and watch, wonder and maybe try and blog some more and hope that the happy little world I have online doesn't implode and my writers don't disappear forever.