Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It’s Been A While

It seems that I have lost my touch and touch with the reason I started a good many things on the intercedes. I would like to say that I have a good excuse for loosing my way, but excuses are a time a dozen and if I got paid for them I would be rich. I downloaded something to my laptop that might help me remember to blog more often. I need to fidn my way or my way back. I think I have lost myself and now I need to travel the web to find me again. My fear is that I am too lost to be found. I also fear that the people I held dear once have grown tired of me, my trials and my excuses. If I didnt have the strength before to stand up and do what I needed or to have followed the advice that was once freely given but sadly ignored what or why would they stand by or keep giving freely what they did before.
A few weeks ago I called an old friend. One I have helped in the past and one who has helped me. She told me that if I wasnt going to fix myself than there was nothing she could or would do to help fix me. It has eaten away at me and I wondered if I allowed myself to wallow in my life for so long that everyone has deciaded to wash themselves of me. I have let myself and many friends down and I dont know if I can make ammends for it. This latest set back with my laptop just seems like the nail needed in my coffin for another friend to loose faith and hope in me. This morning for some reason it all has come to a head and I needed to get it all out. maybe I just needed to write. Writing is something else I have taken for granted. I have felt for a long time that I dont measure up. That I dont have what it takes to write. So I convinced myself to stop. That It doesnt matter anymore that I might have a story to tell that there is no one who wishes to hear it any longer since I have selfishly put other things first.
I dont know if I feel I need to make my New Years changes now of if This is a good bye letter to myself and my bad habits. However I do know that this is me trying to move forward through much mud. I am tired of holding myself back.. I am tired of allowing others to help me to hold myself back. I feel its time that I find my own empowerment and use it. The question I am left asking myself is how and where will I find th is empowerment.
Thank you for those of you who are hanging on. Thank you to those who havent lost faith in me when I myself have. Thank you just for being a friend.


Monday, September 21, 2015

My Review of Coffee and Kukui Nuts By AJ Llewellyn

Coffee and Kukui Nuts


Genre: Crimes Series, M/M

Rating: Teen

Length: 328KB (90 Pages)

Reviewer: Silver Pixie/Sterling

Book Summery:

Hawaiian explosives expert Abe Torufu looks forward to a day trip on Oahu helping his sister Meleny taste-test wedding cakes. Abe loves cake almost as much as malasadas, but something deadly interrupts their plans for buttercream and spongy goodness. A bomb. 
Abe unwittingly uncovers a near-fatal plot in a marriage gone awry and soon becomes the target of not one but two hit men. He now requires round-the-clock protection from a U.S. Marshal. But not only is Tony McCracken skinny and shorter than the big Tongan detective, but Abe doesn’t need protection. 
Well, that’s until McCracken saves his life in a spectacular way when one of the bad guys finds him. What started as a fun, family day becomes a nightmare and Abe must trust a stranger with his life. Can he? Or is he in big, bad, Hawaiian trouble? Will he live long enough to walk his sister down the flower-strewn, tapa-carpeted aisle, or is there worse to come? 

My Review:
It has been a long while since I have written a review... To be honest, it's been a while since I have treated myself to an AJ Llewellyn book. This was gifted to me by the author and I have to say what a wonderful gift it turned out to be and I am only sorry that I set it aside and didn't read it sooner. 
Abe Torufu island jumps to help his one and only sister taste cakes for her upcoming wedding. What started out as a wonderful day in hell (surrounded my giggling woman and eating cake and the cake was the best part) Abe notices some strange occurrences and steps into action and from there his kinda ok/bad day goes to hell when he notices what he thinks is a bomb. 

His thoroughness and wonderful observation skills land him with around the clock U.S Marshal Body Guard names Tony McCracken who is from the Big Island (not Cali but way farther in a little state called Washington.) Fresh from a child abduction case little does anyone one know that everyone’s pasts are about to cross paths on an ever crazy case.  

Overall the power of Family and friends wins out and for a story with No sex it was compelling, beautiful and heartwarming. It proved to me that Sex doesn't have to be in a story to make it good. AJ out did herself on this one and I am pleased and feel privileged to have been able to Read Coffee and Kukui Nuts.

On my Erect Peni Scale of One to Ten gets:  There was no sex in this book. I sensed some sexual tension but what do you expect from a Kindle Worlds publication, while they are a good company they have issues with dirty sex sometimes in my opinion… let me go on Record that its MY Opinion of them and NOT that of those who write for them nor has anyone ever expressed such things to me.

On my Scale of Wait to Pay Day or Sell the kids It's: I would sell the kids and run out to buy this book. However for the wonderful price of 1.99 cents you wouldn't have to sell the whole child just part to get this wonderful book.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Labored Thoughts.

Labor Day Labored Thoughts.

Well, it's labor day the kids are all back in school and my time is my own again. Umm Nope not quite yet. The good thing about the south or at least my south is schools start back before labor day… The back part is they start before labor day… What?? You may ask.. How is it a good thing and a bad thing? Well, my faithful followers, it's simple. The kids went back on the 24th (much to my youngest heartbreak that she had to be in school on her birthday).  Anyway, they are now on a 3day weekend… While I love and cherish my kids. Especially since so many, many parents have lost their children trying to get to Greece and other safe countries. I know that I should truly cherish them and mostly I do. However with 2 teenagers in the house it gets a little much sometimes. 
I have not the real point to this blog really. My Thoughts like the title are labored. I need to write more. I need to remember that this is something that I loved to do and helped me keep my sanity at the worst of times. However, I find myself not finding the same joy in writing as I use too. I find myself labored  down with more and more responsibilities and realizing that again maybe its for the best that I walk away and do what I need to do and right now that is finding a job to keep the roof, food and clothing on and over the kids.  That thought leads to others like at my age it is sad that my working skills are limited too, Retail, fast-food, and Sideshow attractions. That I think would be a lovely blog to write about. My time as a sideshow Freak… Well, 2 sideshow Freaks. My misspent youth is amusing sometimes. Between my Foster home antics which by many aren't much.. I have met so many other kids who were in worse places than I was and caused way more trouble than I did or thought about… On a Side note, I had the best Foster Family and I cherish my time there. But that maybe is another blog… This one is just ranting of a deluded mind. Or a Labored mind.  
I do have plans and Goals.. In the next month or so *knock on wood*  I am going to pick up being AJ Llewllyn’s Assistant again and go back to designing and writing her newsletter and hopefully Go back to doing DJ Manly’s as well. Then I am going to make an effort to get back to reviewing Books on my blog. If I can not be a productive person in the real world then maybe I can be a productive online person. 

OK Signing off now…

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wow.... It really has been awhile since...

I have blogged about anything. Sadly the last few years have not always been the easiest on me and  I have sadly fallen into some very bad habits. One of them while not a bad habit does eat up some time that I should and could spend on other things. Now is not the time I will blog about that.. 

I have been watching my Facebook feeds a lot lately. I know surprise surprise.. I might not have a lot to say but I have noticed a Pattern of sorts. It is something that I have seen in blogs I follow as well. It seems that the wild world of Gay Erotic Fiction is dying.More and more publishers are going under and more and more writers are turning away from Gay Fiction and writing *gasps and grasps her heart* Hetero Fiction!!! 

What in the Merlins balls is going on in the world? While sadly I can understand that publishers are having issues and need to downsize as well as bail out It has left me to wonder what in the hell is going on. I know Pirates are a huge problem. 

I myself try and give every writer I know a heads up when I see something that shouldn't be. But it seems that maybe while my back was turned the world as I know it is falling apart. which makes me sad and discourages me  from wanting to write. I mean what is the point of starting, finishing or editing something if there is no one out there who will publish it. Before anyone starts on me about self-publishing while I know some writers who do it. I am still on the fence about it because I suck at editing my own work.. Honestly I suck at editing anyone’s work but more so when it is my own. 

I miss my writers, my friends, But Life I think has gotten in everyone’s way lately. While I thought about taking a break. I find that there are some things even I can not break away from without proper motivation. In which I have none. So I am going to sit back and watch, wonder and maybe try and blog some more and hope that the happy little world I have online doesn't implode and my writers don't disappear forever.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Review of A Melting Ice Christmas

A Melting Ice Christmas


ISBN: 978-1-60180-251-4

Rating: 4 - Scorching

Length: Novella, 105 pages

Reviewer: Silver Pixie/Sterling

Book Summery

Mackenzie Irving just wants to get home for Christmas, to visit his sister...and his brother-in-law's handsome cousin. But his stop at home to grab his things is interrupted by a vision from his past. When IA agent Elton Grant found out that his hot one-nighter was involved in one of his investigations, it created complications, to say the least. But when his life actually was in danger and he needed protection, he knew Mac was the right officer for the job. He knew him intimately, both through the investigation...and his own personal experience. This is turning out to be a seriously exciting more ways than one.

My Review:

This is a special series of books for me. This was one of the first series of books that I read when I started in the Gay Erotic Fiction Genre over 8 plus years ago. I have fallen WAY behind in DJ’s books. But asked to review this book So After getting over a bad cold and 4 distracting children I spent an entire night reading A Melting Ice Christmas and it was a night of no sleep that was well worth it.  Mackenzie “Mac” Irving is exactly how I would and have pictured my perfect New York Detective/Cop. He is Hot, sexy with a touch of a dark side you have to experience.  In A Melting Ice Christmas all he wants from Santa is to get to Vermont to the last of his family and to some hot uncomplicated sex with a passing fancy from his past. However Sometimes Santa and fate knows what we really want and need more then we do. 

In walks Elton Grant. A one night stand that not only rocked his world but somehow managed to touch his heart. However a string of ugly, work related incidents leaves Mac’s heart hurting and his head reeling.  Just when he thinks he is free Elton walks in and begs for his help. It seems that Elton’s life is in danger and he is in need of protection and only Mac can help him.  Through a series of lucky breaks Mac and Elton make it to Vermont with no one back on the force the wiser and you know what they say about forgiveness and the holidays.  The only question you should be asking yourselves readers is How fast can A Melting Ice Christmas Melt your heart. For me It was by the end of Chapter One.

Over all since I have not been able to keep up with this series It was able to jump right back into it and not have any trouble following the story. I loved every part, every word every Chapter. I can not honestly find one bad thing wrong with A Melting Ice Christmas. It was a perfect blend of love, mystery and sex. Mac and Elton were believable. Their problems and solutions were honest and true. There was nothing forced about it. DJ Manly Again has written a superb book and I Highly recommend everyone get it as well as the entire Melting Ice Series. 

On my Erect Peni Scale of One to Ten A Melting Ice Christmas gets:

 a 10 Plus Plus. When Mac and Elton come together for the first after months I seriously had to think about a cold shower afterwards. I felt the good kind of Dirty after it was over and every time afterwards was PERFECT and *fans herself* and hot.

On my Scale of Wait to Pay Day or Sell the kids A Melting Ice Is :

SELL THE CHILDREN NOW!!! This book is way too good to wait till Pay Day to Buy. Seriously Fur babies or real babies SELL SELL SELL and go buy! Honestly If DJ hadn't given me this book to read and Review I was checking E-bay and couch cushions for money to get it myself!

Monday, January 13, 2014

My Review of The Angel At The End Of The Road By: DJ Manly

The Angel At The End Of The Road By: DJ Manly

ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-531-8 (Electronic)
           ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-845-6 (Paperback)

Genre: Genres: Gay / Mystery / Detective / Suspense / Thriller / BDSM (Light)

Rating: Heat Level: 2
Length: Novel: (48k words / TBD paperback pages)

Reviewer: Silver Pixie/Sterling

Book Summery:

Freelance journalist Colton West can’t wait to finally end it with the rich and shallow Martin. Their relationship had been a mistake from the beginning. But just when Colton feels that he’s made it clear to Martin it’s over and he can move on with his life and career, he gets a phone call that will change his world forever.

Whitfield, Vermont, is the sleepy little town where Colton grew up, a town he couldn’t wait to leave. It’s also the place where his best high school friend was found murdered years before, left on a road outside town that goes nowhere. The killer was never caught, although a stoic old man named George Hill, who lived with his young grandson in the only house on that road, was considered by many to be the prime suspect and passed away several years later.

But now, another boy has been found dead at the end of that same lonely road, with his body eerily laid out in the same disturbing manner as Colton’s best friend. And this time, the victim is Colton’s fifteen-year-old nephew.

With the original murder suspect deceased, Colton knows the killer of both teenagers is still on the loose, perhaps preparing to strike again, and Colton won’t rest in his investigation until he unearths the whole, ugly truth.

It is a very rare occurrence that I can read a murder mystery and not puzzle out the killing in just a few chapters. While I had my suspicions at the beginning of The Angel At The End Of The Road and throughout the entire story I have to say that DJ Manly did a fantastic job of keeping me on the edge of my seat till the last chapter. The main Characters Colton and Adam were believable and realistic enough that I was drawn into their hardships as both adults and when they were children. DJ managed to take the sad mentality of some overly zealous religious freaks and throw in a plausible small town mentality and honestly gave one of the most believable stories I have read in a while. The Angel At The End Of The Road could have and very well may have been a murder mystery that happened in any number of small towns in America or sadly even Canada.
I don’t want to give anything away about this story, which is why I am not speaking about specifics in this book. I do honestly not want to give away hint or clues to what happens and the Summery clearly covers it better then I can.  I will say this its is Colton’s nephews death that brings him back home but it’s the towns secrets that will keep him and Adam there till the very end. DJ touches tastefully on dark childhood secrets that often times are hidden by those who trust the most and even those who claim to know us best don’t always know us or those around them as well as they thought. This is honestly DJ’s best work to date.

On a scale of 1-10 of hotness The Angel At The End Of The Road Gets a 7.. While it isn’t one of DJ Manly’s hottest books what it lacks in heat makes up in story and depth of content.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being wait till pay day to buy this book and 10 being sell the children) SELL, SELL, SELL!!! This books Is a MUST, Must Read!! I cannot thank DJ enough for asking me to read and review this book.

In closing The Angel At The End Of The Road is simply a classic read. It is worthy of Agatha Christy Mystery! I can see this being the next big Made for TV special! Watch out TLC DJ Manly Has the next big thing Written here!  

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year... New Me.....


Look lets face it if you know me well enough you know that my life is well honestly fucked 7 ways to sundays most days. Now while I know I need to keep writing to practice my craft. 

So here is my New year's Resolution.. I will Blog one a week... That's easy enough to keep and or break lol.. 

Love Light and Lollypops Peeps