Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Labored Thoughts.

Labor Day Labored Thoughts.

Well, it's labor day the kids are all back in school and my time is my own again. Umm Nope not quite yet. The good thing about the south or at least my south is schools start back before labor day… The back part is they start before labor day… What?? You may ask.. How is it a good thing and a bad thing? Well, my faithful followers, it's simple. The kids went back on the 24th (much to my youngest heartbreak that she had to be in school on her birthday).  Anyway, they are now on a 3day weekend… While I love and cherish my kids. Especially since so many, many parents have lost their children trying to get to Greece and other safe countries. I know that I should truly cherish them and mostly I do. However with 2 teenagers in the house it gets a little much sometimes. 
I have not the real point to this blog really. My Thoughts like the title are labored. I need to write more. I need to remember that this is something that I loved to do and helped me keep my sanity at the worst of times. However, I find myself not finding the same joy in writing as I use too. I find myself labored  down with more and more responsibilities and realizing that again maybe its for the best that I walk away and do what I need to do and right now that is finding a job to keep the roof, food and clothing on and over the kids.  That thought leads to others like at my age it is sad that my working skills are limited too, Retail, fast-food, and Sideshow attractions. That I think would be a lovely blog to write about. My time as a sideshow Freak… Well, 2 sideshow Freaks. My misspent youth is amusing sometimes. Between my Foster home antics which by many aren't much.. I have met so many other kids who were in worse places than I was and caused way more trouble than I did or thought about… On a Side note, I had the best Foster Family and I cherish my time there. But that maybe is another blog… This one is just ranting of a deluded mind. Or a Labored mind.  
I do have plans and Goals.. In the next month or so *knock on wood*  I am going to pick up being AJ Llewllyn’s Assistant again and go back to designing and writing her newsletter and hopefully Go back to doing DJ Manly’s as well. Then I am going to make an effort to get back to reviewing Books on my blog. If I can not be a productive person in the real world then maybe I can be a productive online person. 

OK Signing off now…

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