Monday, November 1, 2010

Sex,Rubbers,Pirates and all things Naughty

 I want to start this by saying I have never read a book by A.J Llewellyn that i int love or feel an overwhelming need to blog about it. This book wasn't any different. In this book  A.J introduces us to E-book Piracy again and gives a face and  a name to the crime. 
We met Jason Jagger a wonderful young man a struggling telemarketer in a failing downtown Theater and a part-time Nail Polish salesman.  He is also a struggling writer who in every spare moment combating an Pirate Named Private Eye who is uploading his e-books faster than he can write them. 
Jason fights with his own demons, his insecurities and doubt only to find out the person he trusted the most was the person hurting him the most. Sometimes the things that tend to hurt us the most in the end turn out to be the most helpful and beautifully freeing. Once Jason is free of what is holding him back he shows the us that real people with real struggles are being hurt by what people think is a nameless, faceless, sport that is E-book piracy.

This is a struggle I have sadly watched people I consider friends struggle with. Torrent Sites are going to be the death  of some writers.   I might now know every single e-book writer personally. But I have had the pleasure of meeting a few and saw first hand how these writers struggle. I know for a fact many of these writers aren't rich. They have jobs, bills, Kids, etc... Ain't a damn person i know  who isn't sitting on their asses being waited on hand and foot by handsome Go go boys. I know many who wish they where though. Most e-book writers dont do this to get rich they do this because they love to write, they have loyal readers who would if they could blow up every single site out there that pirates their books. 

On a Scale of 1-10 on awesomeness i give this book 100 because I again LOVE AJ's books and in my personal and Humble opinion think He could never write a bad book.
On my Hotness scale of 1-10 I give this book an 8. Sorry darling Its not as Hot as some but its still pretty damn hot for one of your books


  1. Yes AJ is a very awesome writer. I have enjoyed the books I have purchased from him. I haven't tried Cops and Rubber yet.LOL I love his Vamp's though. Cinders

  2. Hey Sweetie, love the review. Sorry the book wasn't as hot as some - Bad AJ! - but glad you still enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to write such a thorough review love you heaps

  3. AJ I love your books No matter what!! I Felt Kinda Bad saying that because the book didnt need to level of Hottness your famous for... Also and More Importantly I think people NEED to know that what these sites are doing are wrong... You more than expressed that and this is not a victimless crime not only do you (writers) suffer it hurts those of us who fawn and gush... You are one of the Best writers of our Time and I now have a better understanding of the lengths people go to get the books out there illegally and the Lengths you and all the other struggling writers have to jump through to get your books off of there... More people need to care...