Sunday, March 31, 2013

Something Wicked Part 2

Chapter 2
Severus’s day ended much like it began, ugly, miserable and hateful. The first year actually paid more attention in class then his 7th years and despite trying as hard as he could Severus was forced to take more points from his own snakes then the lions. By the time Severus closed and locked his office doors Severus’s mood was blacker then it was when he was a Death Eater forced to torture Muggles. In the year since Harry lived up to obligations to the Wizarding community they were growing closer. Up till this Kimo Wilder showed up Severus didn’t doubt that he and Harry could have a future. Now how could he compete with a Hawaiian god? Thankfully it was the last day before Easter break. No students for one full week. Since Harry seemed to be busy with the new professor Severus started to rethink his original plans. He doubted Harry would want to spend the holiday with him at Snape Manor.  Lost in thought Severus didn’t notice that he had company.
Kimo was able to get past Severus’s room fairly easily considering how strong of a wizard this professor was honestly he expected a lot more work to get into his rooms then he had. For a few moments Kimo just stood there clouded so he wouldn’t be seen or felt. He wanted to see what it was about this man that enraptured his children and nephews. He was a very dark man. Not an evil kind of dark more like something he couldn’t put his finger on. The only light he saw within the man was when he thought about Harry Potter.
“Very interesting.”
Thought Kimo.  Seems as if Severus cares deeply for Harry. More deeply then he seems to realize. Maybe that is the attraction. Bad boys are always hot. The more Kimo learned about the Potion Master the less he stopped hating him and the more he began to respect him.
How could he hate a man who was tormented more then even at Kimo’s worst moment? He needed to do something to help him and Harry But how? Severus seemed to be lost in thought when Kimo dropped his shields. Or so he thought
“Do you care to tell me why you are here? You might be the strongest Kahuna in Hawaii but here in this castle I have the upper hand and I don’t need my wand to do it either.”
“I came to ask if you would like to visit my home over the Easter holiday. I can show you around my mountain and teach you about the plants and herbs other Kahuna’s use and while I am unable to teach you all my secrets I can and will broaden your knowledge in potions. “
I will be extending the offer to Harry as well. I think that he would enjoy seeing the islands. He has told me that he hasn’t been permitted to travel much in his youth. I think you both would benefit from the trip. Your Headmaster said something about a port key. If your interested we will be leaving at 5am tomorrow. I have been gone from my family too long and will be leaving within the hour but Dumbledore will instruct you farther.
With that Kimo turned and left through the portrait leaving Severus confused, and slightly excited.
“I guess I should pack then”
Severus said to no one as he walked into his bedchamber.
Harry stood in his rooms dazed. Kimo had just left to go talk to Severus and to invite him along to visit Kimo’s Mountain home and to met the rest of his family.  Harry knew how Severus’s mind worked and while Kimo was highly attractive in a Hawaiian God sort of way he wasn’t tall, dark and grumpy.  Kimo was up front and honest about his husband and while he understood that he was here because his children and some fan girl named Silver worshipped the ground his Potion Master walked on. Harry needed Severus to know once and for all that he was the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Maybe this trip would be a good thing.  Maybe they could finally put the past behind them and move forward together. Ignoring him at breakfast was hard and for some unknown reason Severus missed lunch. Both Kimo and Dumbledore talked him out of running down to find Severus to see if he was ok.  This had to be one of the craziest things he has ever done and being that he is the one and only Harry Potter he has pulled off some crazy stuff in his 7yrs as a student.  Running off to another country with Severus Snape. It will be a miracle if he makes it back to Hogwarts in a week unhexed.  Turning towards his bedchamber
“What in the hell do you wear in Hawaii?”
Was the last thing Harry thought before going to his room to pack for his trip?
Dinner was quieter then it normally was. Most of the kids boarded the train home and the few remaining would be flooing or Port Keying out by early evening. Harry was already seated and sipping some pumpkin juice idly chatting with Dumbledore when Severus walked in looking madder then a hatter. Harry’s heart sank when he saw Severus. If he were this angry now there would be no way he would have agreed the trip. Kimo was wrong.  He would be going to Hawaii alone. Maybe that was a good thing though. He would take this week to get Severus out of his system and return to his position as Professor of the Dark Arts fully over the Dungeon Bat of a Potions Professor.  Lost in thought Harry almost missed Severus talking to him. Turning his head and giving Severus a confused look that only seemed to make Severus more cross.
“If you think you could pull yourself away from daydreaming of your Hawaiian god long enough to met me in my office after dinner I would like to speak to you and Dumbledore after dinner. If you could kindly pass on the message Potter I would be forever grateful.”
With that Severus was gone in a flurry of black robes. Harry didn’t know what to think. 

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