Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Fab New Series of Books

It has been a long time since I blogged anything… My Reality has been busy with mindless things that I don’t care to blog about.. Just let me say its not always easy being a mom to 4 children and my sanity to have more then one has been called into question a lot this past summer… What I want to talk about is a series of books that I have been reading over the last few days.

I have finally overcome my Severus Snape addiction and have moved back to reading AJ Llewellyn’s books. I have been truly blessed over the years to have befriended AJ and often get the pleasure to chat with AJ… I have said many time I love everything AJ the only thing Better is AJ and DJ when they write together and Their Orgasmic Texas Dawn books do not Disappoint!!!  Currently there are 9 published the 10th book is due out 10/12/13 if Silver Publishing’s Page is correct. 

We start out meeting Kieran Fox a suspended Canadian undercover copper who feel in love with the wrong bad boy.. His special ability to get the bad guy no matter what attracts a very open minded small town Texas Sheriff Dillon De Priest who recruits Kieran to come work for him while the dust settles in the far north. While helping Dillon clean up the growing drug problem in his small town Kieran meets and falls in love with the very hunky and very closeted Jubilee Mason.. While the sparks fly for these too they meet up with some very serious problems not within their jobs but with their relationship.
Now let me tell you the story line for each story is spine tingling and nail biting…. Each book is in my opinion well researched, realistic and better than many popular big name police novels on the market. It seems like every 50 to hundred pages something new is happening and leads into the next book… While I know I need to go and take the time to review each book (and as soon and I finish my current project I plan too) I have to honestly say that both AJ Llewellyn and DJ Manly have yet again out done themselves. They both can and do in my opinion give Grissom a run for his money.

The good thing I have also found about these books that you can follow the story reading them out of order (the I highly suggest reading them in order) that is not something that you can do with series books. As of this evening I am up to Turmoil and while we have said a fond farewell to some characters (though they don’t really leave us) We have met and get to follow new ones. The love, loss and every day issues that these two fantastic writers cover make me want to go out and fix that injustices in the world.. Especially the south.. Texas Still has a very backwards good ol’ boy mentality that is detrimental in this day and age they will be slow to come around to Equal rights of all people not just the people they morally support.

I HIGHLY suggest you run don’t walk to your computer, laptop, iPad, Kindle device and go to https://spsilverpublishing.com/index.html?book_authors_id=91&typefilter=book_authors&zenid=a1c041cd4fefd0a27e9c160caf55e995 and start buying up the books right now.

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